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How to Know When it is Time to Get New Running Shoes

There is an increased interest in health and fitness by most people nowadays. As people try and stay fit, they shall start to do things like joining the gym, yoga and running. As part of participating in such activities, you will need to have the right gear for it. You need to especially pay attention to the shoes. If you shall be running for example you will need the right running shoes. If you have been running for a while, it may be time to get yourself another pair. Exercising in worn out shoes will leave your feet stressed and likely to suffer an injury. There are certain signs that will indicate it is time to get new shoes.
You need to consider the mileage on the shoes. Normally, a pair that has covered more than 500 kilometers should be discarded. Those who are heavy need to make the switch much earlier. Trail runners shall also have to replace their sooner than track or indoor runners. You shall easily remember when it is time to replace them by writing the date of purchase in the shoes. This should make it easier for you to work out how far you have gone with them.
The onset of muscle fatigue, shin splints, and knee pain is an indication it is time to make the change. The old ones will have lost their cushioning. You can test its support through the twist test. This is where you hold a shoe at both ends and twist it. It needs to feel sturdy and resist the pressure. If it caves easily, you will need to replace it.
You should also pay attention to the sole of the shoe. If you see them having faded treads; you need to get another pair. Running shoes are built with stronger soles than the rest of the shoe. In case the soles have lost their treads, you can imagine how bad the rest of the shoe is. Running in such shoes without grip is asking for trouble.
You may also buy a new pair at any time. Since you now have two pairs, you can keep interchanging them. You shall easily tell when the older one has passed its expiry date. You can judge the way it feels by referring to the newer pair.
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