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Top Companies That Were Able To Turn Their Failures Into Success

It is common to experience failure when you are starting a business. What separates the successful people with others is that they don’t give up. A good number of companies have done well to beating their failures and turning their fortunes around. Below is a list of six stories of bouncing back from failure


If you ask around, you will realize that Apple remains as the largest companies in the world today. The performance of this company is what has allowed it to be among the best. The company was faced with a threat of closing down once in its past. This event came when Steve Jobs was fired. The best thing is that it was able to make the changes that were needed. There is an estimation of the company’s revenue which is around $300 billion. Learn more here about this.


FedEx has been in the logistics business for a very long time. Fredrick Smith was the founder back in the 70s. He used the $4 million he had as an inheritance. However, due to large debts, the company nearly shut down. He was able to save the company when he gambled the $5000 in a casino. You can learn more here.


There is no denying that Reddit remains to be the largest companies today. Before the company became popular, it had very few users. The founders resulted in creating fake accounts for the company. The company started seeing success after it was bought by Conde Nast in 2007. Ever since that day, the company has grown stronger. It is the fourth most visited website in the United States today. It has over 550 million daily users today. You can learn more here about Reddit.


The company had a rocky start in 2008 when it was launched. Instead, the owners of the company decided to seek alternative methods of raising the capital After raising $30000, the company was accepted into an incubator. The company benefited from the incubation and were able to become a company that makes a profit of $2.5 billion. You can learn more here


The history of Marvel is not a pretty one as they were not able to make much money until recently.T When you look at the recent history of Marvel, you will notice that it has made over 20 films today and other impressive TV series, where some of its productions are expected to run until 2020. Learn more here about Marvel.