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Everything there is to Know about Sustained Release Medication

The sustained release medication is a dosage that is designed to controllably release a drug at a certain rate from the body to maintain a certain level of drug concentration for a specified period causing minimum side effects. Sustained release medication Can be attained by making use of formulations such as polymer conjugates and liposomes. Sustained release dosage and controlled release dosage consists of the extended release dosage .

Unlike sustained release dosage that happens over a particular time and at a particular rate, the controlled release dosage occurs over a certain period but not at the same rate. Many people think that these two types of medication are similar. The sustained release medication process involves the administration of a therapeutic product and the release of active ingredients as well as the transportation of these ingredients to the biological membranes to the site of action.

Sustained release medication uses tablets and capsules that can dissolve a drug from the body over some time so that the drug is released slower and steadier into the bloodstream.This medication is taken at less frequent intervals as compared to the immediate release formulations. This ensures the maintenance of drug levels in the body when avoiding nugget and maximizing therapeutic efficiency. other devices like gel implants in tandem with pills, capsules and injectable drugs can be used for the sustained release medication.

People that depend on alcohol may reap benefits from this kind of medication. the good thing about this type of medication is that it does not require people to reduce their alcohol intake. The participants of these medication and enrol for a 12 week program where they receive injections on a monthly basis of anti-craving medication. During this period, they meet with clinical doctors to check on the progress of the medication. Abstinence as one of the common ways of reducing the levels of drugs in the body has over the years have proven ineffective.

Sustained release medication is designed to reduce the frequency of dosing and improving the utilization of drugs in the bodies. Also, this dosage is meant to reduce the fluctuations in the level of plasma and avoid adverse effects of drugs.

The benefits of sustained release medication include reduced frequency of drug administration, more convenient drug administration and improved control of absorption of drugs into the body. In addition, it results to reduce blood level variations and improved treatment efficiency. Aside from that, this medication helps to improve the efficiency of treatment and to reduce variations in blood levels.

Sustained release medication despite the many advantages has its disadvantages. Although sustained release medication has numerous benefits, it similarly has its associated demerits. Sustained release medication’s disadvantages include the need for extra education to the patients and the high costs involved as well as the frustration of taking many pills amongst other disadvantages.

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