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Benefits Offered by Lithium Ion Batteries

We live at a time when technology is continuously evolving – and fast. We now have so many things that would have been unthinkable decades or centuries ago. These include lithium ion batteries. But what does this specific battery type offer that others do not?

Longer Life Cycle

When a battery is charged and then discharged, that is counted as one charge cycle. When you talk about the lifespan of a rechargeable battery, the number of charge cycles is typically more important than the age of that battery. Compared to other battery types, however, lithium batteries have a remarkably longer lifespan. As long as it is well cared for, a lithium battery pack is good for 2000 to 5000 cycles. Compare this to other batteries, which are only good for up to 1000 cycles. With a lithium battery pack, your device can work to optimal capacity for an extended time.

High Energy Density

After charging your device, you will of course want it to last as long as possible. No one wants a battery that drains too fast. This is another aspect that lithium batteries excel at. Even when a battery is starting to lose power, density will keep it working with no voltage sag, which means it will still work as though it was at 100{d04b87976ef24bc6734ec5146c63d53658a7a0b41e06fe761cda68a5f0965aa9}. In fact, lithium batteries are some of the fastest to charge, allowing you to bring them back up at full capacity sooner than other batteries can.

Easy to Maintain

One huge advantage of lithium batteries is that they’re practically maintenance-free. Unlike the rest, they don’t require periodic discharge. Other batteries may also need some time to “stabilize” to ensure that all cells in the battery are equally charged. Lithium batteries though have their own internal Battery Management System to do this. What this means is that using and caring for a lithium battery is usually as easy as charging it and keeping it in a safe place. On top of that, these batteries are known for having fewer placement issues than the rest.

Minimal Energy Waste

Efficiency is yet another aspect of lithium batteries that makes them stand out – almost 100{d04b87976ef24bc6734ec5146c63d53658a7a0b41e06fe761cda68a5f0965aa9} with each charge! That means you can use nearly each drop of charge that is stored into them. Lithium batteries can also sustain this charge, even when the weather gets cold. This is not always the case with the others.

We have reached a point where we rely on electronic devices more than ever before. Thus, it’s a must that we keep these devices ever reliable, starting with using long-lasting and efficient lithium batteries. Lastly, it’s worth nothing that these batteries are actually more cost-effective than the others, so that is another significant benefit that can be expected.

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