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A Discussion of Voltage Dividers

If a person is in an introductory level of a course in electrical engineering, they have probably heard a voltage divider. Some people who may be interested to learn about voltage dividers are computer engineers, electricians, software engineers, and communication engineers.

A person should consider a box that only has one source or any other combination of the elements of a circuit. It will later be hooked up to a number of resistors which are lined up in parallel and people need to calculate the drop of the voltage across every resistor. For a person to have an understanding that is proper of voltage dividers, they need to fist have the basic understandings of the concepts of Kirchoff’s Voltage Law and Kirchoff’s Current Law. The Kirchoff’s Voltage Law will be applied in this case because of the resistors. The law states that the drop which is cumulative is potential across all the series resistors will sum to the value coming out of the sources, in this case, being the box. The potential of the voltage will begin at the value of the source and drop a given percentage as each of the elements of resistors is encountered.

The best accuracy of AC, HV clearances require to be an equal radius to twice the height of the divider that is not shielded. HV withstand clearance needs to be about one inch for every kV to the ground that is near. The operations of the voltages in their maximum is limited by voltage withstand of the components that re internal, flashover withstand that are external and the rise of the limits of the temperature of the types of components that are resistive. On the resistance unit in the lower part, a state that is steady of PK AC and DC may have limitations to less than the peak that is rated of the operating voltage in a short time. For the test purposes of withstanding, a rating of the impulse is also given which is an indication of the factor of safety for transients above the maximum operating PK voltage that is rated that can take place when it is not intended. Flashovers can destroy the measuring that is attached, the equipment for display, and put the life of the associated personnel in danger. Thus, there is a need for observing the factors of safety especially for the employees and the general public.

In the case that it is an area that is confined with proximity clearance marginal, the AC divider needs to be calibrated in place or put in a place that is simulated. The accuracy of DC will not be affected unless there is the presence of the corona. For the results that are best when a person is working with rising time pulses that are fast, a common, single, system ground plane needs to be used at the base of the voltage divider. The equipment for displaying or recording, the attached cables to the output of the voltage divider, and the personnel who re near the equipment need to be isolated from the surfaces that are conductive.

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