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All You Ought to Know about Gourmet Popcorn

One of the great thing about gourmet is that it has a beautiful texture and flavour. The name popcorn is a short form of popped corn. Popcorn cannot be made from any corn. The only corn that can make popcorn is called Zea mays everta. One of the characteristics that Zea mays everta has is short ears, and it’s the property that makes it burst when it is heated. The main reason that makes popcorn to pop is the fact that the corn has a lot of moisture in it that normal in the kernel. Also, the shell that surrounds the moisture is harder than normal. When you increase the temperature around the shell, the water inside expands to form steam. The reason that makes popcorn to pop is the moment when the shell can no longer resist the pressure by the steam.

One can get two types of gourmet popcorn. One of the gourmets is gourmet popped corn and the second one is gourmet popcorn. The meaning of gourmet popcorn is the corn type that is in the making of the popcorn while gourmet popped corn is the flavourings that one can add to a bag of popcorn that is already cooked. No law state the type of popcorn that needs to be labelled as gourmet popcorn therefore, you are alone in deciding on the kind of popcorn to buy. However, one can get various type of popcorn on the shelves. Also, there are brands of popcorns that are good but are not popular. The only thing that you can do to find a brand that is suitable for you is to do experiments on them.

The only thing that you are advised not to buy in terms of popcorn is the one that comes with aluminium foil pan. One of the characteristics of popcorn that you need to consider is freshness. You need to have popcorn that is as fresh as possible, and it has been away from excess moisture. Because of the above reason, you should buy popcorn that is in jars. Some of the ways that you can get hold of true gourmet popcorn is either you take your search on the internet or visit the nearest gourmet food stores. The best popcorn that you can buy is organic and with no hulls. You need to consider the taste that a certain popcorn has than colour. However, red popcorn is a bit crunchier than normal popcorn. On the other hand, the sweetness that the blue popcorn has is the best.

The popcorn that has a lot of flavoured spices is called gourmet popcorn. Also, gourmet popcorn can have other ingredients. The only way that a flavour can be added to the popcorn is when the corn starts to pop since the shell is too hard to have the flavour to penetrate when it is still raw. Flavours are added either when you are cooking popcorn of after it is already cooked depending on the type of cooking and taste.

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